What camera should I buy?

                              What camera should I buy?

I'm going to share things that you should consider while buying a camera. I will recommend some options that I feel are good according to different user needs so that you can make a choice I think if you're looking to purchase a new camera or if you want to upgrade from an older camera or if you want to understand cameras in general.

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So, let's get started the first question that you have to ask yourself and this is the most important part is the purpose why you want to buy a camera whether you want to do Photography or Videography? because this certain camera which is better for photography there's certain cameras which are better for cinematography again there are cameras which are good for both. I shoot photos and videos both so I will prefer a camera that can do both. 

Now the question in your mind will be sort of if the camera can do both why choose a camera that is specialized for photography or for videography, now the thing is if you're only concerned about photography and you get the camera that is specialized for photography it will be better than the camera which is made for both purposes so this is the reason why you need to understand first why are you buying a camera. 

So, again this is the most important question and you have to be clear before making a decision talking about photography the thing you have to consider is what genre are you going to shoot more now it's not that for every genre there is a different camera and with a single camera you cannot do multiple genres but depending on your prime genre the genre you will shoot most again the camera decisions will differ. 

Wildlife / Sports / Action Photography Cameras

Like for example- If you are into wildlife and sports you want a camera with very fast autofocus you want a camera that can do 10 12 14 or more FPS you want a camera that has a good buffer many cameras now have 1012 FPS but the buffer feels really fast and so you may have to wait sometime again for the buffer to clean up and then again start taking photos so these you have to consider when you are in wildlife and sports. 

What camera should I buy?

Landscape / Portraits / Street / Architecture Photography Cameras

If you're shooting Landscape / Portraits / Street / Architecture you mostly won't bother about the high FPS. As a landscape photographer, I don't need 14 FPS what I need is I need extremely good low-light performance very good dynamic range and if possible I will get the camera with a higher megapixel count if I want to print it large or crop more now just remember higher megapixels do not mean a better camera so while buying a camera is very important to understand the genre you want to shoot. 

What camera should I buy?

Like for example, Sony makes A7RIV and A9 now both are similarly priced cameras but the A7RIV has a higher megapixel count whereas the A9 is a much faster camera in terms of focus and taking photos so people who are into sports and wildlife will prefer A9 people who are into landscapes and portraits will prefer the A7RIV.

What camera should I buy?

Similar is the case with Nikon D500 and D850 again all cameras are good but it depends on your needs. 
For videography, there are mainly two types of users one is the vloggers who need a very compact camera 

What camera should I buy?

Cinematographers who don't care much about the compactness as much as they do of the quality of the video that's coming out of the camera so if you're a vlogger here are some options that you can consider but when it comes to cinematography you have to take a lot of things into consideration whether a camera can shoot 4k or if the camera can shoot slow-motion if the camera can shoot log video as well these are certain things which matter to the Cinematographers but these things don't matter to vloggers so according to the type of user you are you have to decide what camera you have to get. 

What camera should I buy?

Crop Vs Full Sensor Which is the Best Camera?

The next is Crop sensor or full-frame cameras now this is a general myth just because full-frame cameras are more expensive full-frame cameras are better than crop sensor cameras that are not the case. Let explain so the basic difference between the crop sensor and the full-frame is the sensor size the full-frame camera has the largest sensor than the crop sensor camera and again a bigger sensor has its pros and cons as well the advantages you get a lot better low-light performance if you're shooting at ISO 3200, 6400 a lot full-frame camera is going to deliver better results in terms of a crop sensor camera the crop sensor camera will give you much more noise. But if you are into sports and wildlife. The crop sensor is a much better option because when you attach a lens because of the crop factor you get a longer focal length.

What should be the Camera Budget?

Budget full-frame cameras are much more expensive than the crop sensor cameras and again when you buy a body you're going to buy lenses as well full-frame lenses are again much much expensive than crop sensor lenses you can attach the full-frame lenses to the crop sensor but you cannot attach a crop sensor lens to a full-frame if you do that the full-frame camera will act as a crop sensor camera and you will lose a lot of resolution and it will make no sense so again you have to decide budget or investment and what type of photography you're going to do and then make a decision.

DSLR Vs Mirrorless which is the best?

DSLR Vs Mirrorless now this is a very trending question nowadays and to answer this question again you have to take certain things into consideration. Mirrorless cameras have better video features and second I love the eye or to focus that the mirrorless cameras have one thing I love about the middle this camera is when you see in the viewfinder all the changes you make reflects in the viewfinder and this does not happen in DSLR so these are certain reasons. 

What camera should I buy?

To upgrade to a mirrorless camera you have to see what type of lenses are available for the camera you are buying because still, mirrorless cameras have not matched DSLR in terms of a number of lenses Nikon and Canon have limited number of lenses whereas Sony has a wide number of lenses when it comes to mirrorless cameras so when you're buying a camera whether to get a DSLR or a mirrorless depends also a lot on the lenses you are going to get with it. 

What camera should I buy?

Which Camera Brands should buy?

Next thing we're going to discuss is brands now people mostly confused sort of which brand is the best Canon, Sony, Nikon,  Panasonic Lumix there are a lot of brands and the answer to that question is all the brands are equally good and that is the reason why they are competing in the market the reason why people choose a particular brand over other brands.

There are two reasons one is certain brands make good cameras for a certain type of users - you are using a particular brand and you have become habituated to it and that is why when you upgrade you also look for the same brand now throughout this video I have suggested a lot of cameras belonging to different brands and I use Nikon that doesn't mean Nikon is the best brand even Canon makes amazing cameras even Sony makes amazing cameras the reason. I use Nikon is I like the colours coming out of the raw file I have become habituated with the Nikon system. And I find it easier to use just because I'm using it for so long but that doesn't mean other brands are not as good you have to do your research and see what brands make what types of cameras.  

Maybe for you, a Canon camera is good maybe for me a Nikon camera is better maybe for the thirdperson a Sony camera is better if someone says no just because I'm using brand a is the best that is not true all brands are equally good it all depends upon your personal opinion.   

Don't spend the whole money to buy just the camera body if it's the first time you are buying a camera you have to split the budget for your camera and also for your lens at least spend 30% of the budget for the lenses and 70% for the camera. The reason why I'm saying this is doesn't matter how good a camera you are using if you don't attach good quality lenses to it you're not going to get the best quality that camera can produce even if you're using a mid-level camera and you attach a very expensive lens you will immediately see a quality difference so don't spend the whole money on your camera body and just use a poor quality lens rated both things are again very important.

Thanks for reading.

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