5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners

Whether you're a brand new food photographer or you're just looking to shape up your Instagram or Facebook pages, I am going to help you to share 5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners.

All of us want to click better pictures of their food at home or in restaurants. Today I'm sharing my top five tips for how to improve your food photography with any level of the camera whether you're working with your smartphone or a budget camera.


Top-Down or flat lay Photos tend to be the most forgiving and will give you the best look without having to spend a ton of money on camera bodies and lenses. Top-down photos have a really nice trendy look and really give you a lot of opportunities to work and practice on your composition. In a simple manner Flat lay is the flat object; top-down means capturing the top surface of everything on the frame. Let’s discuss directly into my next tip on Food Photography Tips for Beginners.

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners


The environment around the food that you're photographing is just as if not more important than the actual dish itself utilizes ingredients from the dish or the tools that you use to make the dish to really set an entire scene and environment for that food. You only have one frame to tell an entire story. So you want to make sure that food looks as delicious as you know it is in real life.

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners


You want to make sure and focus on the composition and balance of the shot. Utilize different things like the rule of thirds but you also want to make sure that any items in the photo bring balance to either side. This is something that gets easier over time with practice and the more that you learn you're able to take bigger risks and maybe have more negative space and have a look purposeful and not like you're an amateur or it was a mistake.

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners


Natural light is the best resource of light no doubt about it and every photographer likes to shoot more on natural lights. Some of the best food photos I've taken for my Instagram account were entirely used by this big window in my apartment. So when you're ready to take that food photo shut off your kitchen lights head towards your nearest window. It's going to be the best light that money can buy. Another tip on in regards to lighting you want to make sure and have the light source comes from behind your food or from an angle you never want to have light in the same direction as your camera that's going to make the food appear really flat.

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners


If you have your camera set up here and your light source back here and your food in the middle that light is going to bounce and hit your food and create so much more depth and texture to the dish. If you have a coming directly from your camera directly from the top, it's going to make everything appear much more flat. Some of the best food photos, I've ever seen all have the action of some sort. It's important to a manicure and set up your food in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing but if you have every last little detail down to the touch perfect like it's never done it. It's going to make it a little colder if you have maybe a bite taken out or you know you're slicing or cutting a piece off while you're in a frame that's just going to elevate the picture as a whole and allow the audience to see it to really relate a lot more to that picture and make it look a lot more appetizing.

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners

Bonus Tips on Food Photography Tips for Beginners


I've got one last quick Bonus tip for everybody utilizing cooking spray if you're on a longer photoshoot. This is something I do quite often when I'm making my recipe videos at home. I have to take photos for my Instagram, Facebook so is times that food sitting there for a good hour and after that full hour it's starting to look a little dull a little flat a little dry it just looks like it's been sitting out a good way to refresh to that and bring some life back into the food spray nonstick cooking spray over your dish. It's still going to be edible so you're not wasting any food and this just really revitalizes and brings a lot of life back into a dish that might have been sitting out on a photoshoot all day but that is it for the tips this week. Love to hear if you have any tips or hacks or anything you recommend for new food photographers. My Food Photography Tips for Beginners will help you all to understand the basics of food photography, henceforth you keep on adding your ideas to improve photography.

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners


We're actually going into our camera settings and turning on the grid, kindly refer to the picture below with the word grid if you already use the grid to frame your photos.

So, if you don't have your grid turned on, you're going into your settings, and scroll down quite a bit away, until you get to your camera as per the settings.

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners

Food Photography shows your skills and creativity towards your passion and interests in subjects. It’s not that difficult as we think. We can start doing experiments and just see your composition and frame how it’s going to look on your device. Either you use a Smartphone or a Digital camera doesn’t matter, what matters is your creativity and uniqueness that gives the best result. We have to keep practicing then only do we develop and enhance our skills in food photography.

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