Tips for Birds Photography

Tips for Birds Photography 

Today what we're going to be talking about is my tips for birds photography. Over the last a couple of years, I've travelled to many bird Sanctuaries forests and down in the jungles and I've really become fond of the forest I've done bird surveys migration surveys and everything in between.

I think it's one of the most interesting habitats to photograph in there's one key benefit to forest photography and it's that say for example you're doing waterfowl photography or you're doing birds in flight usually you're restricting yourself to the early mornings and the late afternoons to get that nice light but when it comes to forest photography the trees and leaves act as a bit of a diffuser and it creates kind of a dappled light effect and you can photograph in the middle of the day during harsh sunlight if you have the right forests.

One of the main benefits of bird photography is that it extends your hours that you're able to get great shots so what I'll do personally is I'll stay more towards the outside and open areas in the early morning and late afternoons and then when the light gets a little bit harsher I'll travel more into the forest and try to get some forest birds. Let me share the best tips for captured birds in their forest habitat.

Tips for Forest Birds Photography | Camera Settings | Bird Photography

  • Before heading out to do forest bird photography what should we do?
  • While you're out in the field doing forest bird photography things in mind.
  • I'm going to share a few tips that I use on days that are slow and when it comes to the forest bird photography it does happen every so often where you do have a bit of a slower day.

The first tip 

Before heading out is I'd like to choose days of my locations very specifically. If I'm after a certain bird that prefers a certain type of forest I'm going to try to target those type of forests obviously but also I choose the day very specifically not only for the weather what I'm talking about. Actually, people if you have a park that there's a lot of people throughout the entire week that might be beneficial just because the birds are more used to people and you can get closer and they are more familiar with having you know people running through people on bikes photographers whatever and you might be able to get closer to your subject for me personally I don't like parks with a lot of people even if it has the opportunity to get me closer to animals and better photos and stuff like that it just seems like I'm a little bit more disconnected from the actual process of taking these photos so for myself. I rather go to the areas that I have more chance of encountering enormous birds just to see them and enjoy them.

My second tip 

Before heading out is to check a bird app so either or you can go online and use E-bird and just see what birds are in your area and that's very important because what I've noticed in the past is when I look through a bird list before actually going out I tend to be more likely to encounter those birds that I've been looking at and if you're thinking about that bird in the back of your head you're subconsciously looking for areas that it might be it's just a psychological thing it's kind of like when you learn a new word and then you see that word everywhere it's the same thing you're just putting that bird in the back of your mind it's before heading out check a bird app just to see what birds are in the area and that will give you a better chance to capture some great images.

My third tip 

The third tip is the one that checks your settings on your camera to kind of adjust them for the settings that you're going to need when you get out of your camera. Don’t get so much in detailed about technicality about your camera model, lenses or setting.

What I feel photography is all about your passion and you should be feel good while captured something. Just go out whatever camera you have and click without deleting any of your photos, came back home and analyses them in a big screen and improve on your next trip.

Wildlife Photography Journey

Wildlife Photography is really exciting whenever you go in the wilderness, you get to see something new you should definitely do it, but do it seriously. It shouldn't be that, you read something somewhere - when you haven't even read your camera manual, and just picked up the camera and then went into the jungle to take pictures. It doesn't work like that. If you want to photograph nature and you want to pursue wildlife photography, then it's important that you've done your homework. You'll have to read up on it first and do your research. Not too much, but a little bit at least. And then when you go to photograph wildlife, your photography will be much, much better.

"Life is all about exploring and learn from experiments, So keep learning and inspiring others".

Tips for Forest Birds Photography | Camera Settings | Bird Photography

Tips for Forest Birds Photography | Camera Settings | Bird Photography

Tips for Forest Birds Photography | Camera Settings | Bird Photography

Tips for Forest Birds Photography | Camera Settings | Bird Photography

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