Five Main DSLR Camera Mode

Five Main DSLR Camera Mode I Understanding Camera Shooting Modes

Five Main DSLR Camera Mode I Understanding Camera Shooting Modes

Today I will be talking about camera modes these centers provide us with different camera modes and each and every camera mode has different sets of features in this video we will be looking at Five main DSLR camera modes those are Auto Mode, Program Auto Mode, Shutter priority, Aperture Priority and Manual mode.


What are the different modes on a DSLR camera?
What is program mode in DSLR?
What is the best image mode for a camera?

So let's start talking about camera modes so the First mode is the Auto Mode now ultimate as the name suggests is very simple you just point your camera take the image and that's it all the settings like ISO aperture shutter speed flash white balance will be taken care of by the camera so you don't have to do any complex calculations you do not have to think about any complex concepts like aperture and shutter speed you just want a subject and roll as you get the image so if you are a beginner Photographer it might seem a bit tempting to switch to auto mode and take images.

But if the light conditions are not ideal sometimes the camera will find it tricky and might produce images which you would not expect by your DSLR so the Second mode is the Program Auto Mode now program auto mode is basically auto mode on steroids meaning basically the camera adjust the shutter speed and aperture but you get the flexibility to change the ISO the white balance and the flash so if you are in a situation where flash is not allowed you can turn off the flash if you want to shoot at a lower ISO you can do that too so you don't have this flexibility in auto mode but you get that flexibility in program auto mode.

Just suppose you want to shoot at faster shutter speeds then you can increase the ISO and the camera will automatically decrease the shutter speed and you can shoot at faster shutter speed so basically again you are restricted by the camera again the camera is doing most of the guessing work but you still have the flexibility to change certain things so program auto mode is any day better than auto mode so if you are a beginner and you're not confident to switch to semi-manual or manual modes program auto mode should be the first step from auto mode.

Now let's talk about the Semi-manual Mode in Semi-manual Mode the Third mode is the Aperture Priority Mode in aperture priority mode you get the flexibility to change the aperture in a nutshell if you want depth-of-field shoot at the higher aperture if you want more depth of field shoot at a lower aperture so aperture priority mode works great because you just have to dial in the aperture you want to shoot that and you start shooting shutter speed will be taken care of by the camera and aperture priority mode is currently used by most of the professionals if you want to shoot at constant aperture priority modes a very very good mode to switch from auto mode and it's basically a bit easy because aperture is a concept which is easier to understand so if you are a beginner and you want to switch I would recommend switching to aperture priority mode from the auto mode as soon as possible.

The Fourth mode is the Shutter Priority Mode now the shutter priority mode is very much similar to aperture priority mode but here you do not change the aperture but you get the flexibility of changing the shutter speed now if you want to shoot at a faster shutter the speed you can use a shutter speed from one-thousandth of a second to maybe one for thousands of a second if you want to capture motion blur you can use a longer shutter speed like 1 second 10 seconds or even 30 seconds and the apertures will be taken care of by the camera.

Even shutter priority mode is used by most of the sports photographers or wildlife photographers where they want to freeze the motion so shutter priority mode is again a very good semi-manual mode but I would still recommend using aperture priority mode because it is a bit easier to understand and then once you get hold of shutter priority mode or even the shutter speed you can then switch to manual mode.

Now let’s understand about the last and complicated camera mode that is Manual Mode.
The Manual mode is the mode which is used by most of the professionals basically in manual mode you have complete control over all your settings whether it be aperture whether it be shutter speed ISO white balance flash and everything so if you want to shoot at a faster shutter speed but you want to change the depth of field you can do that which you can't do in any other camera mode.

I hope now you have an idea about exposure triangle light meter and how to dial the settings to get perfectly exposed images basically manual mode will allow you to shoot creative images and take control over all the settings so you get better images from your camera so switching to manual mode might be difficult at the beginning but it is always worth it you just have to keep practising keep experimenting with different settings and you will finally get hold off manual mode.

As a beginner photographer, it's very important to understand DSLR Camera / Shooting modes,
All of us first start with Auto mode and slowly moved into different modes, because we get more control over the camera setting as per the subject and shooting conditions.

Tip of the day:

Try all the settings and implemented and explored your photography and don't forget to analyse each mode, you will learn faster.

Thanks for Reading.

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