10 Steps to Become a Photographer I Photography Career

10 Steps to Become a Photographer I Photography Career

Now, if you wanted to become a photographer or make your career in photography first you need to focus on your choice.

You have to passionate and love what you do attitude. Photography is one of the best and creative career options in today's digital era. Everyone captured photograph but those want to pursue as a career they can learn any genre of photography and make their career as per their choice.

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It's just a little summary really of the things that I found important, that's been helpful to me in my photographic development. So here it goes the 10 steps to become a photographer I Photography Career.


To define to yourself what you are drawn to visually, and you have to develop an awareness of your identity and your photographic interests. That's where it all starts. Don't go chasing trends. Don't go and do what other people do. Realize what you're innately drawn to. That's where it starts, and that's where the amazing pictures are.


About photographic tools. And become aware of the tools you have to craft your pictures, and this is not just cameras and technical tools. It really is the visual tools and the emotional content that features the photograph, and most importantly to see and understand light.


which has been really instrumental to me in my career, it's to seek out a mentor. Learn from the expert or mentor who inspired you. Learn from the old masters. Engage with them, take feedback and use those feedback to improve upon.


Make rather than to take. Create pictures, create stories behind every picture rather than just snapping them. Choose the light, choose the emotions that you want to capture and include in your pictures. Don't go out and take pictures. Make pictures make memories.


Really important to me as it has come to me later in my understanding. It's something that I've been really tried out on the last couple of years. It's to connect with the place and the people that you're photographing. Don't just show up and take a picture of someone or a place, but ask yourself what that place means to you or who that person is and what kind of emotions you have relating to that person. That's where the great pictures are. Add an emotional connection to the place and to the people that you're choosing to take pictures of making you a better photographer. as a beginner.


Which is a big one for me, it's setting goals and pursue those goals with tenacity. Now, if these goals you set don't intimidate you, then set new ones. You can't say that "Oh, I'm going to get up this morning, "because that you will do. You have to set goals higher. You have to say, "I want to shoot for that and that and that magazine," or "I want to photograph that and that person."Pin that to the wall and hold yourself to it. Strive to get there. That's the only way that you're going to see progress in your work by striving to do better.


Shoot, shoot, shoot. It really is about exercising your creative muscle because that's truly what it is. I like to compare to athletes. They work out seven days a week, twice a day sometimes, and that's what it takes to become great at something. And your imagination or your creativity, that is a muscle. You can't expect to take one picture a week and think you're going to get better. You have to be immersed in picture taking and live photography and art and all those things that will nurture your own picture-making.


Post-processing, now, you have to use Photoshop / Lightroom software as a tool to infuse yourself into pictures. In the digital cameras nowadays there’s ones and zeroes being computed by a machine. There's no personality there, so you have to infuse yourself into the pictures and the tool we have to do so in Photoshop. So ask yourself what you felt when you took a picture? Ask yourself what you feel now that you're retouching the image and infuse those emotions? Make sure that software is used to help convey a feel and a mood.


Marketing, you have to define to yourself who your audience is. Who uses your pictures and who do you want to shoot for? And then market yourself to this audience. Let them know that you're there and that you' reproducing great work.

# 10

The most important one. It's to not give up on your dream of becoming a better photographer.

One of my favourite quotes ever goes like this,"There's no such thing as failure, there's only giving up." So do not give up on your passion, on your dream of becoming a better, better photographer. Keep pursuing it with the tenacity with all your heart.

I wish you the best of luck on this crazy journey, it is taking pictures.
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